• What We’re About: Missions, Goals, Ideals!

  • Pharm Phresh! At days pharm we are particularly passionate about keeping it real, looking to help the world at large, by making the least impact environmentally as possible. We are firm believers in supporting local farmers, organic agriculture and sustainable living. “By using calendula flowers from my mom’s garden, and Poke root from a neighbor and friends farm that is sustainably harvested my hope is to pass the message: Go to your local farmers markets, get to know your neighbor, trade cucumbers for sugar snap peas, keep your community pulse alive by staying in touch with the sources of your food… or health and beauty products.” Delphine Davidson/Founder CEO
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  • Please note that your product has an expiration date! days pharm takes pride in implementing obsessively meticulous sanitation guidelines in production, so if left in extreme temperatures, the oils may separate or go rancid because we purposefully do not use chemical preservatives and synthetic cream life prolongers. Shelf life is one year… however may be extended if refrigerated.

    From the Founder of Days Pharm , Delphine Davidson: “My goal is to bring to you fresh, local, organic and wholesome products, made in my kitchen, by me, with love. With the understanding that I personally would never put anything on my skin that I would not willingly ingest into my body, it is my mission to create my entire facial and body care line with the finest Food Grade, Organic Ingredients.”

    “Personally, when I sense or feel an imbalance, it first shows up on my skin. Our skin is the most receptive and also the most sensitive and/or “communicative” of all of our organs. So sensitive, in fact, that when we put products on our skin, they are absorbed by the pores and travel into the bloodstream. If you apply a skin cream with additives, preservatives, and other chemicals, you may introduce toxic substances into your blood, which can aggravate your liver, your immune system, and your skin. So enjoy slathering this cream on any part of your body, and know too that you may eat it as well…should you choose to. Use in good health, knowing you are doing nothing to harm your body. order now

    In Summary… Support and get to know the people who grow your food, love your body the way it is today.
    enjoy this moment.